Drake – “Push Ups”

*cracks knuckles*

One thing I never got the chance to talk about in the past few weeks (because I was injured) was Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Future & Metro Boomin’s “Like That,” where he dissed Drake (and kinda J. Cole). I mentioned it briefly when I posted the music video for Future & Metro Boomin’s “Type Shit.” (I’m even going to mention J. Cole’s sad apology and how he ended up actually doing a song onWe Still Don’t Trust You.)

But you know what I am going to talk about? Drake’s (supposed) response, “Push Ups” (Also known as “Drop & Give Me Fifty”). The issue with putting out diss songs in 2024 is that there’s a chance they are A.I. generated. That’s what I thought this song was at first. Then the songs started getting pulled for copyright. Then Rick Ross responded (that’s in the next post). And then fans realized that Mal and Rory mentioned the term “Drop & Give Me Fifty” on their last podcast.

So, who is Drizzy going at on “Push Ups”?

Kendrick (of course) catches the brunt of the diss, being called a midget who has to give most of his money to Top Dawg. Future and Metro also get some shots (“Metro, shut your ho ass up and make some drums, nigga”). Rick Ross catches some strays (“Can’t believe he’s jumping in, this nigga turning fifty”). Hell, even Ja Morant gets a shot or two.

Sidenote: I honestly really wanna know what Drake to make all these rappers mad in the first place.

While the song hasn’t been officially released yet, you can check it out below.