Tha Carter III

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‘Fro Avenue: Death Of The Classic

The other day while riding down the 'Fro Avenue, me and my homies were talking about classic albums. When is the last time we can say a true classic was rel...
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The Three Most Memorable Verses Of 2008

As another year closes on Hip-Hop and the many “Best of 2008” lists get ready to be released, there are many things you can rank: the best songs, the best a...
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The Evolution Of Weezy

People give Wayne a hard time for being good at what he does. Yes, he may have oversaturated the market. Can you really get mad at him for making music? Wayn...
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The Numbers Game: Weezy Will Not Stop

Damn Weezy, Tha Carter III will not be stopped. After 5 weeks the album regains the top spot and is inching closer to the double Platinum plaque. I hope som...

Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter III [Review]

1992 had The Chronic from Dr. Dre, 1993 had Doggystyle from Snoop Dogg, 1994 had Ready To Die from The Notorious B.I.G., 2001 had The Blueprint from Jay-Z, ...
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Tha Carter III Leaked?

Earlier today, a picture of Tha Carter III popped up on the net all wrapped up and ready for leaking. Did an inside source strike again? Did the album fall ...