DJ Drama gets busted!


Investigators raid an Atlanta recording studio operated by DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon. Agents confiscated an estimated 50,000 CD’s (all Gangsta Grillz discs). They “confiscated” things that were considered bootlegged, bank statements, computers, music equipment, cars, cash…everything! Police were mentioned to have been monitoring the studio for months now. RIAA Anti Piracy, Fulton County Sherriff SWAT team, and Clayton County officials stormed in to the Gangsta Grillz studio in downtown Atlanta and detained 17 people, only 2 were arrested on the warrant. 27 year old Donald (DJ Don Cannon) Cannon, and 28 year old Tyree (DJ Drama) Simmons were arrested for the counterfeit merchandise. They were selling the CD’s off of their website, which has been shutdown too. Investigators said that when they have raids like this, typically they find guns and drugs. Well to their dismay, no guns, no drugs. One investigator said, “It wouldn’t surprise me if we did find drugs, the two go hand in hand.” Okay people what is the deal here? Can you get arrested for selling your own CD’s? I truly believe that the crime rate in Atlanta is high enough that you can’t waste a lot of manpower on some CD’s! They (the cops) say that Drama was making up to 900% profit off of his CD’s! Get em’ Dram! But the kicker to this one is, they say that someone in the industry dimed the cops on what was going on with “Mr. Thanksgiving.” Man, call me crazy, but Drama and the Aphiliates been on top for a while now, do you think that ya boy Kay Slay had anything to do with this? I mean he is Dram’s #1 hater. But I hope the “Drama King” didn’t have to settle for those tactics. Notice to all you internet DJ’s better watch out, you’re out there pushing your product, remember BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! Oh yeah and people in the game will snitch on you too!