King Jerm’s Top Ten Albums of All Time


Every month here at we come out with a feature for all ya’ll Hip-Hop fiends out there. This month our feature is my Top Ten Albums of all-time. This has been one of the most heavily debated arguments of all-time. How many times have you and your peoples have had that debate about who had the best album? Well add this one to your list, because I want to be heard too!

10. Bigger and Deffer – LL Cool J (1987)


This album made me fall in love with Hip-Hop. I had never heard anyone rap with the swagger of a young LL. I couldn’t stop listening to this album. This is definitely one that is timeless to me.

9. Comin’ Out Hard – Eightball & MJG (1993)


This album made the Memphis duo legendary in the South. The album is only nine songs, but each one is a banger. If you from the dirty, you had to have this one in your collection.

8. Ready to Die – The Notorious B.I.G. (1994)


Biggie’s remarkable first LP, showcased his skills for all of the world. Some commercial production couldn’t outshine the Brooklynite, and Big ushered in a new era in Hip-Hop. Putting out many timeless classics on the album, Big did his thing on his first album.

7. Illmatic – Nas (1994)


One of the most highly acclaimed albums of all time. This album pushed Nas to the forefront with Hip-Hop’s elite. After Illmatic dropped, they anointed Nas the Hip-Hop lyrical genius. But with what he put out on the album, who could argue?

6. Doggystyle – Snoop Doggy Dogg (1993)


When Snoop dropped this one here, he had the game on lock! No one can argue that this isn’t one of the greatest LP’s of all time. This album made Snoop legendary and made the West Coast the best Coast.

5. Life After Death – The Notorious B.I.G. (1997)


This is Big’s best album, hands down. The lyrics are magnificent. The production is top notch, with minor slip ups. What more can you ask from a double LP. Most doubles are filled with filler, not this one. Only hot beats and smash mouth lyrics.

4. Atliens – Outkast (1996)


This was one of Outkast’s most misunderstood albums. People down south aren’t used to change, and when Outkast made this album, it went over a lot of peoples head. The subjects and artistic growth made this a winner in my book.

3. The Blueprint – Jay-Z (2001)


When Hovie attacked Nas and Mobb Deep on this album, it brought back the beef aspect back to Hip-Hop. But the beef doesn’t outshine the rest of the album. This has got to be Jay-Z’s best album from top to bottom. Even if you’re not a Jay fan, you will like this one.

2. Aquemini – Outkast (1998)


This is the best Outkast album lyrically and production wise. This album continued to showcase the growth of the ATL duo. On this album they actually extended beyond the Dungeon Family and had Raekwon on a track. But from top to bottom this one is a banger.

1. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik – Outkast (1994)


While coming out in one of the best years in Hip-Hop history, Outkast delivered their stout debut, and took home critical acclaim. They showed that people south of the Tri-State could rap too. With rhymes that were felt by a million other country boys, the duo showed the world how they do it in Atlanta.