Song of the Week: Soulja Slim – “I’ll Pay For It”


This installment of Song of the Week is brought to you by King Jerm of We want to feature a song that most of you all haven’t heard. This week’s song is “I’ll Pay For It”, by Soulja Slim. This song is featured on Years Later, one of his last solo efforts. As many of you know, Slim was gunned down in 2003, yet another up and coming rappers career cut short by violence. Slim was heavy in the streets and his music reflected it. He was one of those rappers who really did what they rapped about. Well RIP Soulja Slim, all we have is your memories and some pretty good music to listen to, so enjoy!

Download: Soulja Slim – “I’ll Pay For It”

Album: Years Later
Released: December 24, 2002
Label: Cut Throat Committy