The Best of Soulja Slim (1977 – 2003) [Mixtape]

The Best of Soulja Slim

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the world lost James Tapp aka Soulja Slim. I been a fan of Soulja Slim for a long time actually and I thought he was one of the nicest lyricist when he was signed to No Limit along with Mac and Mia-X (When No Limit was popping). Him and Snoop Doggy Dogg landed there at the same time right after Slim got out of prison. Slim was definitely a true street soldier who survived many trials & tribulations and stood tall at 6’5” with a slim built frame. But before Slim was with No Limit he was with DJ KLC (Beats By The Pound/Medicine Men) way back in 93. Slim was born in 1977 September 9th and was slained on his mom’s lawn the day after Thanksgiving on November 26th 2003. It’s so fucked up mane and I remember hearing the news about him being shot multiple times in the face and once in the chest. I shook my head and got angry because he was rising up in the South big time plus he was one of my favorites that spoke real shit. People wasn’t ready for Soulja Slim at all, dude was too raw with this shit. Back in the day he was Magnolia Slim which he represented Magnolia 3rd Ward Projects in New Orleans. One of the most dangerous projects in America and also the most dangerous hood in New Orleans back in the 90’s to early 2000’s. Some of the other rappers who came from the notorious 3rd Ward is Curren$y, his older brother and former No Limit rapper Mr. Marcelo, Jay Electronica, Silkk, C-Murder, Juvenile, UNLV, Turk, Uncle Larell, and others. Soulja Slim started the Soujla stuff in New Orleans wearing the camouflage attire along with “Soujla Reebok” in the streets (Not going to say too much but just listen to the music).

During his teenage years in the 90’s he was doing a lot of drugs and the drug choice a lot of rappers rapped about including B.G. was heroin. Heroin was really big back then for kids to do; thank god him and B.G. had shook the monkey off their back. Anyways, back when Slim was rapping in the early days he was doing bounce rapping but he did show his lyrical side too. Along with a lot of rappers back then he wasn’t just a rapper; just check his background along with some of the other rappers out of the N.O. (dead or alive). He use to rock the Club 49 where a lot of local artist would get on the mic and rap like Pimp Daddy, Kilo G, UNLV, DJ Jimi, Juvenile, Warren Mayes, Partners N Crime, G Slimm, Everlasting Hitman, Lil Slim, and so many others dead & alive. In ’94 Magnolia Slim released his underground debut Soulja 4 Life which was produced by KLC through Parkway Pumpin’ Records. That year was the highest murder rate that New Orleans ever had, also they still have a record breaking 86 per 100,000 murder capita and ’til this day that haven’t been beat by any other city in the United States (Imagine if that place was as big as Chicago or New York). Anything Slim rapped about better believe he was doing it, check out Gangland episode about the Gotti Boyz. On some of Slim’s songs he mentioned the infamous Sam Scully, Glen Mettz, & other big time drug lords in the N.O. (Better look these people up if you don’t know about them). Master P mentioned Sam Scully in “Ghetto Heroes” in ’96 from the Ice Cream Man album. Sam Scully have been dead since the late 80’s but his death started an ongoing drug turf war in New Orleans that’s going on right now in 2013.

A young Slim holding a pump in a
A young Slim holding a pump

The thing I respected about Slim the most was that he wasn’t fake at all plus he was very talented. I know people from the N.O. He didn’t have that Soulja Sign (Green Cross) between his eyes for nothing mane. He talked about that stuff in his songs which you’ll have to listen. By ’95 Slim was signed with Hype Enough Records then he released his Dark Side EP. That same year at age 17 he was shot on two different occasions left for dead but he survived through it. He also gave Cash Money artist Magonlia Shorty her name at the time when she was a young teenager. By 1996 he had a murder charge in which he beat the case but was locked up for armed robbery. I wish he wasn’t locked up at the time so he could have been on B.G.’s album Chopper City. By ’98 Magnoila Slim was released from the pen and decided to change his name to Soulja Slim since he was signing with No Limit Records and was becoming nationwide. He released Give It 2’em Raw which sold pretty well with the single “From What I Was Told” which was on I Got The Hook Up soundtrack also. I wish they would have released more singles from that album. After that time period Slim was in prison again but got out around 2000 so he started working on his 2nd/last No Limit album The Streets Made Me which I thought was a dope album and the last good No Limit album even though it didn’t have Beats By The Pound doing the beats. I remember my cousin brought that CD to my high school at the time and I thought it was ill.

Along with many artists out of No Limit, Soujla Slim left in ’02 since No Limit didn’t promote his album right nor paid him all of his funds so he became independent and created Cut Throat Committee Records. He had his cousin Twelve O Klok, Lil’ Real One, and others signed to his label were as real as Slim was (Some of them had Soulja Signs too). I wish Lil’ Real One would have blown up; dude was nice on the mic to me. Later that year Soulja Slim released Years Later which he sold pretty well with no promotion or anything which featured B.G. & Cut Throat Committee. Then he got a deal with Koch and released his next/last album in 2003 which was called Years Later… A Few Months. It had some of the same songs as the last album but also brand new songs. He sent out diss shots at Master P, Krazy, & Silkk on the album and it featured Juvenile, B.G., Mystikal, & Cut Throat Committee. That album was dope as fuck to me and it pissed me off to know his life got cut short right when he was about to blow up but he spoke about it so maybe he knew death was near. Check out the song Cutthroat Muzik where he speaks about wilding out at the awards in Miami right before he was killed and other things. I felt him and B.G. so much because they was real with it. Both of them were very underrated especially that boy Slim. Rest In Peace Soulja Slim you’ll never be forgotten bruh. You are a New Orleans legend but one of Southern Hip-Hop’s best kept secret.

Garelle Smith
Garelle Smith

Garelle Smith, who was suspected in killing Soulja Slim, actually killed himself with shots to the head and chest around 2008 (5 years after Slim). He was already a suspect to a lot of murders which people was scared to testify but the Soulja Slim murder was the big one and I knew one day Garelle would get his number pulled since he was a suspect. After Soulja Slim death police had accused Slim of 6 other murders. I wish that B.G. & Soulja Slim’s Never Seen It Comin’ album would have dropped since they was working on it right before Slim was killed. B.G. kept saying he was going to put it out and DJ KLC kept saying how dope it is since he produced some of the beats.

BG & Slim
B.G. & Slim

I find it weird how Twelve and VL Mike diss B.G. since they use to be real tight. Both of them guys were deceased not too long after that. I know B.G. didn’t have nothing to do with that especially Twelve’s death since that’s Slim cousin and he was Slim’s right hand man.

Soulja Slim's Son
Soulja Slim’s Son

Rest In Peace to Twelve O Klok (Found shot to death in 2010), Lil’ Derrick (Birdman’s Nephew and 5th Hot Boy who was shot to death in Halloween ’02 at a graveyard), VL Mike (Shot dead in ’08), Yella Boy from UNLV (Shot 16 times close range in ’97 weeks after shooting up Birdman’s cars), Pimp Daddy (Shot in the face while sleep in ’94 in the Florida Projects), Kilo-G )Shot in the face after answering the his front door in the 7th Ward in ’97), G Slimm (Shot in ’96), Daddy Yo )Shot dead in ’95 after the diss record), Everlasting Hitman (Shot dead in ’96), Warren Mayes (Shot dead in ’99), DJ Irv (Shot dead in ’93 in the 7th Ward), Warren Mayes’ son (Shot dead in 2008 or 2010), Sporty T (Shot dead in his FEMA trailer), Magnolia Shorty (Shot 26 times in 2010), Magic (Died from car wreck), Big ED [Died of cancer in ’01), Tre-8 (Died in car wreck).

I grew up listening to some of these folks by the way. I fucked with a lot of underground shit being from the South. Check out Soujla Slim since I know a lot of people who not from the South definitely slept on Slim. I wanted to do Soulja Slim justice and show the world how talented this dude was. Shout out to my homies and a relative out of New Orleans. Also peace to my cousin Lando in Baton Rouge.

Soulja Slim's obituary
Soulja Slim’s obituary

Disc 1

1. Soulja Shit [RIP Soulja Slim] [Performed By B.G., Kayotic, & Lil’ Real One]
2. You Ain’t Krazy [Krazy Of 504 Boyz Diss]
3. Cutthroat Muzik
4. Fuck The Police (with B.G.) [*They would have took over the rap game if Slim would have lived*[
5. U Bootin Up (feat. Juvenile) [Silkk The Shocker & Krazy Diss]
6. Bubble Gum Game
7. Takin’ Hits (feat. Master P)
8. Bitch Nigga [Daddy Yo Diss] [*Daddy Yo was found shot to death after this song came out in 1995, R.I.P. Daddy Yo*]
9. Word Up (feat. C-Nile Da Bandit & 6-Shot) [*Magnolia Slim showed his lyrical talents on this one from ’96*]
10. Love Me, Love Me Not
11. Imagine (feat. C-Murder & Mac) [*Sad how all three of their lives turned out*]
12. You Got It (feat 6-Shot)
13. Fucking With This Here
14. Killa Konnections (feat. C-Nile Da Bandit & 6-Shot) [*Once again Magnolia Slim ripped it up*]
15. Rata Tata [*His spit about his fate on this song but dude was ill*]
16. Walk Like A “G” [Performed By Fiend feat. Soujla Slim]
17. Grind N Shine [Performed By Lil’ Derrick & Kayotic feat. Soulja Slim]
18. My Jacket [*Real shit he was spitting. He talk about his background, murder charges, & so forth*]
19. Soulja 4 Life
20. Ghetto Ties [Performed By C-Murder feat. Soulja Slim & Full Blooded]
Bonus Tracks:
21. Nigga Wuz Up (feat. Calicoe & 6-Shot)
22. At The Same Time (feat. Snoop Dogg)
23. Low Down & Dirty [Performed By Lil Derrick feat. Turk, Young Buck & Soulja Slim] [Produced By Mannie Fresh]
24. I’ve Been Here Before
25. Soulja Mentality [Soulja Life]

Disc 2

1. Gangsta Shit [Performd By VL Mike & Twelve O Klok] [Sampling Soulja Slim on hook]
2. Can I Ball [Performed By Mac feat. Soujla Slim]
3. G’s & Mack [Performed By C-Murder feat. Silkk The Shocker & Soulja Slim]
4. Come Up [Performed By UNLV feat. Magnolia Slim]
5. Water Whipped (feat. Cutthroat Committee)
6. Let It Go Down [If It’s Beef Original Version Different Lyrics]
7. If It’s Beef
8. From What I Was Told
9. Bout Dat Combat [Performed By Kane & Abel feat. Soulja Slim & Full Blooded]
10. U Nasty (with B.G.) (feat. 6-Shot)
11. Heata On Me (feat. B.G. & LilRealOne)
12. Souljas On My Feet
13. Ride With Me
14. I’ve Been Here Before
15. Gangsta Shit (I’m A Soulja)
16. Fuck You Nigga
17. What’s Up, What’s Happening [Tribute To Bounce And Deceased Artist Who Rapped Live at Club 49]
18. Slow Motion [Performed By Juvenile feat. Soujla Slim]
19. Get Cha Mind Right
20. Weed Fiend [Performed By Lokee feat. Magnolia Slim]
21. Talk Now
22. Not My Dawg (feat. B.G.)
23. U Hear Dat [*Sends Shot At Master P, Gives Shoutout to 50 Cent and he say how he look wearing a tag of his toes. This came out before his death on his last album*]
24. Get High With Me (feat. Mystikal & Trenity)
25. Money Don’t Make Me [Performed By Magic feat. C-Murder & Soulja Slim]
26. Yeahh
27. One Thing About A Player
28. However Whatever Whenever (with B.G.)
29. Got’Em Runnin’
30. Dog Ass Hoes

Download: The Best of Soulja Slim (1977 – 2003) [Mixtape] – Disc 1
Download: The Best of Soulja Slim (1977 – 2003) [Mixtape] – Disc 2