XXL’s “Leaders of the New School”


In their upcoming November issue, XXL lists and co-signs Hip-Hop’s Next Superstars or “Leaders of the New School”. While we don’t necessarily agree with the list, everybody got their own opinion right? At least some rappers who aren’t yet that well know got to be on the cover of XXL. But come on, aren’t half of these guys like 30? How long do they think they gonna be rapping? Well, let’s go down the line and look at who made the list.


King Jerm: First off all, I see him on TV more than I hear his music. He was on Entourage, The White Rapper Show; has he even released an album yet?
B-Easy: I really pull for Saigon; I was really feeling that Return Of The Yardfather. Even though he has talent I don’t see him blowing up even with the Just Blaze backing. Oh yea, he has a nice punch too.


K: One more album and he’s done. But that time could be extended by a shooting or an arrest.
B: I don’t really see a future for a 31 year old Trick Daddy clone who appeals to the ladies.

Rich Boy

K: Future?
B: He has a good team behind him; Roc-A-Wear ads, shoe spokesman, and features on other people’s songs. I wouldn’t bet in his favor but he may surprise us.

Lupe Fiasco

K: The skateboard fad was so last year. He never lived up to the buzz.
B: With Kanye’s recent success, the rap game might be getting ready to be flooded with “regular guys” instead of super thugs and pimps. Lupe is already there so he has a chance.

Lil’ Boosie

K: With the money he makes touring, he gonna do pretty good. But musically, I personally can’t listen to him.
B: Besides me not being able to pronounce his name right and the fact that I think he should categorized as “ringtone rap”…uh, I like the “Wipe Me Down” video (It could have been worse!).

Gorilla Zoe

K: Maybe he appeals to the 13-21 crowds, but I love that “Hood Nigga” song.
B: Is he really a “leader of the new school?” I couldn’t point him out in a line up with five white guys.

Joell Ortiz

K: Who is this guy? Is he related to that girl from City High?
B: If he wants an album to come out in the next decade, he’s gotta stop messing with Dr. Dre/Aftermath (Just ask Rakim, Hitman, Six-Two, Brooklyn, G.A.G.E., Eve, etc.)

Crooked I

K: They had to put a dude from the West coast on the list.
B: I hear he freestyles really well, but I think The Game is gonna rule the west for a while.


K: I’m scared to diss him cause he Kay Slay’s boy. He can rap, but he ain’t saying nothing.
B: I still don’t buy that he got a $1.5 million record deal. He’s not a bad rapper, just not a million dollar rapper who will sell a lot of records.

Young Dro

K: The only cat I co-sign on the list. The best dude on Grand Hustle and I mean THE BEST (Including T.I.). The only one on the list with a plaque (Gold).
B: I think he has a lot a potential, not leader of the new school potential. I like the way he dress (No homo).


*King Jerm’s Pick: Young Dro
*B-Easy’s Pick: Lupe Fiasco