Turn Yo’ Headphones Up: Soul Tyde


So, I admit, I may have a little bias in my initial installment. I am from Da Lou, (St. Louis for most of you), what high school you go to?, if you are from the 314. As well, if you are from STL or a fan of good music, we miss the Soul Tyde movement.

The group consisted of some of the dopest lyricists, singers, and producers STL had to offer, kinda like Wu-Tang in that they repped their city hard, and it was a large group. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. They were a fusion of good music exemplified by the appropriately titled debut 2CD set, Hip Hop Soulful…ish. Featured are some insane collabos, excellent production, great vocals, and even a little spoken word. Some of the people I let listen to my copy said it puts them in the mind of Dead Prez or Blackstar. Song after song they establish that St. Louis Hip Hop is more than “Hot in Hurr” and “Holiday Inn”. Some of the contributors are getting more main stream attention including Black Spade, who has worked with Nicolay and Jean Grae and the versatile Steve West, as well as the lyrically adept Nato Caliph and Karim.

The group dissolved almost as quickly as they broke onto the scene, however, the reverberations of the groundbreaking crew are still being felt as the former members are still putting out good music. A quick MySpace search will lead you to most of their pages and new music so be on the look out. Shout out to the Soul Tyde crew.

Check the vids, lemme know what you think, and make sure you TURN YO HEADPHONES UP.