Songs of the Week: UGK – “One Day” & “Ridin’ Dirty”


Here at we are saddened with the rest of the world with the passing of a pioneer not only to the South, but Hip-Hop in a whole, Chad “Pimp-C” Butler. One half of legendary group UGK along with Bun-B, they went on to pave the way for all the Southern acts of today. Not really getting the commercial success they deserved until their recent drop, Underground Kingz in 2007, UGK paid their dues on the “underground” scene for many years. UGK gained some recognition with a spot on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” which they scored a Grammy. But the height of their fame came with the “Free Pimp-C” campaign from Bun-B which had rappers from coast to coast calling for the O.G’s release. So with a heavy heart, we would like to send our condolences out to the family of Pimp-C and his partner in rhyme, Bun-B. First, take a moment of silence for Pimp, and then enjoy this tribute to Pimp-C in this installment of Song of the Week!

Download: UGK feat. Mr. 3-2 & Ronnie Spencer – “One Day”

Download: UGK – “Ridin’ Dirty”


Album: Ridin’ Dirty
Released: July 29, 1996
Label: Jive