Song of the Week: UGK feat. Outkast – “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)”

Many of you know that your man GQ is a man of many hats, or at the least, one of many aliases. The Heart-Beard Kid. The Panky Rang-ed Purveyor of Peace. The Black Tyrion Lannister. Ferragamo Guevara and Young Boris Kodjoe, to name a few.

If you listen to The FRO Horsemen, which of course you do because it’s the A show of nappyafro, know that I am Mr. Swipe Right, on ALLLLLLLLLLL the fine Tinder HOOOOONEEEEEEYS. What you may not know is that ya mans is trying to go on a new path. So what better song for this week’s song than the one where we see 3 Stacks CC every girl that he see sees around town? So while I hate to see y’all frown (ehh, I am the Heart Break…er Beard Kid) I’d rather see her smile. So I apologize if this message gets the adoring fans of the Pocket Square Kang down, but ya know, Space Ships don’t come with rear view mirrors…they dip.