Is Diamond The Next Big Thing?


I’ll say it, these days the female MC is almost extinct like the Dodo bird. Now before you underground ladies who rap start dissing me in your latest MySpace freestyle, I’m not saying there aren’t any females out there rapping. What I am saying is there aren’t any women making Hip-Hop music with any large success. But I think I know who the next female rapper to make it big is: Brittany Nicole Carpenter, or as your may know her, Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob).

Hold up; let me explain. I’m not a Diamond fan; I couldn’t name you more than 2 Crime Mob songs. And yes, she may not have the best content or be even the third best lyricist on her street, but I do think she has what it takes to be the next big female rapper. Here are a few reasons:


#1 She’s from the South: You know the “Bottom of the Map” is still running this Rap shit. And let’s be real, it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. While a lot of male rappers who rep the Dirty have had chances to bask in the region’s recent popularity, the ladies really haven’t had the chance. Why not Diamond (Who’s from Atlanta, Georgia)?

#2 No female rappers: The pickings on the estrogen side of Rap music are pretty slim. Let’s see: Lil’ Kim’s new high cheek bones are scaring people, Foxy is crazy and in jail, Lauryn Hill is crazy and having babies, Remy Ma is shooting chicks and going to jail, Trina is sounding horrible these days and looking anorexic, Khia is well, uh, Khia , and the rest are…the rest. I personally am tired of the same old crowd of females (And this is from a dude that was a huge Lil’ Kim fan). Plus most of the mentioned women are over the hill.

#3 Sex Appeal: Yea, it’s sad to say that today’s female rapper has to worry about this while male rappers, like Gucci Maine, walk around with their shirts off on their album cover. But come on, its reality. When Diamond was in the first Crime Mob video, all I heard was about this young fly light skin girl with the blonde braids. Sex sells, and judging from her spread in March/April’s KING magazine, I think she’s fine in this department. Just ask Lil’ Scrappy.

#4 She’s young: Speaking of over the hill, at 19 Diamond is defiantly not that. She might be able to sell records alone just by repping the young project chicks. Maybe older female rappers are like older female actresses? You know, Sylvester Stallone can play Rambo at 61, but can Farrah Fawcett play the lead in the next Charlie’s Angel movie? Hell no! The pressure women rappers get these days from record labels to be sexy; an older woman MC doesn’t have a chance.

Diamond is young, the fellas like her, and she’s already got the attitude. Now that she’s left Crime Mob; give her some beats by DJ Toomp or somebody, get somebody to help her with her lyrics (Like Nas & Jay did for Foxy, like Biggie did for Kim), and you might have the next big female rapper.