Song of the Week: Lil’ Wayne feat. Kanye West – “Lollipop (remix)”


Okay, you know we usually don’t play that game of, “Who can post the new song the fastest” (Like a lot of other sites). But, I had a hard time coming up with this week’s, uh, Song of the Week. Well, I see that Weezy has released another “Lollipop” remix, but this one includes Kanye West. Good timing. Oh yea, about the song? I just made up my mind that Kanye owns Wayne in a one on one enviorment. I guess he just gets hungry around Wayne (Just like on “Barry Bonds”). Check it out. Maybe this will be the climax of the Auto-Tune/Talk box/Vocoder.

Download: Lil’ Wayne feat. Kanye West – “Lollipop” (remix)