Independent Spotlight: Flawless


Remember when we said that we was going to be more aggressive with the Independent Spotlight? Well, staying true to our word, we would like to hit you guys with some new fresh music from someone you might have never heard of. We present to you FLAWLESS. This is an MC who is straight out of Brooklyn, NY. What makes him different than any other MC? I’ll let him tell you that. His manager Aaliyah sent this out to me, and I really liked the song that is featured. Check out his bio, then check out the song and let me know what you think!

His first CD FLAWLESS, broke the BEATSTREET record for most sold in a single day by an underground artist. He started 7 years ago, he now stands out on over 100 mix tapes, has features with Trey Songz, performed with Jim Jones, YoungBloodz, Chingy, Trey Songz, Busta, and Flip Mode. Flawless was also nominated for “2006 underground mix tape artist of the year, and his Myspace page boasts of well over 100,000 song plays with over 175,000 friends.Damn! That’s not a buzz, that’s the building roar of his fan base in anticipation of his next single “Corporate Flaw”, where he describes leaving his past behind him as he ventures on to leave a mark in Hip-Hop. If a picture paints a thousand words, then a song from Flawless Paints a Masterpiece. You can find more info here.

Download: Flawless – “Going Down”