Independent Spotlight: Children of the Night

dinerpic I actually paid some attention in school and I remember them saying that time is cyclical; meaning that things come back around. It’s true in wars and strategies, fads, and culture just to name a few. Hip-Hop is not immune to this natural occurring theme.

The group and album I’m puttin’ you up on game to today is Children of The Night (shout out to Lansky). My man reached out and let me know that they had an album coming out and since I get a lot of emails with…subpar stuff, I was skeptical. I gave it a spin and this is NOT to be slept on. I can’t really offer too much new because the response has been the same…“These cats are real Hip-Hop.”

I think the common theme in Hip-Hop today is the thirst and rebirth of the Golden Age (late 80’s early to mid 90’s) sound. That time period really put Hip-Hop on the global map with acts that embraced storytelling, fun, and pure love for the genre. These guys fully embody that spirit.

From the moment I pressed play and heard the throwback vibe of the Intro track to the funky bass heavy Outro, I was in awe. A lot of folks are clamoring for fake attempts to do what these guys do naturally, create authentically good music.

This is the excerpt from their MySpace page at:

First appearing as one of COTN member Lansky’s song titles, Children of the Night had seen many changes and adjustments over the years. It was the thought of having a “supergroup” of emcees that originally fascinated founders Versa and Lans. In the year 2004, the two had been undergoing drastic changes in flow and style, leading the two to become one powerful force, which is now known as “DiversAvengeR”; although, the original title for the duo was “Children Of The Night”. “It was such an exciting name, but we felt more members were needed to live up to it.” Years passed and other people were brought into the picture. Through a local Queens emcee, “Prophit”, Remy Banks was introduced, who lives conveniently three blocks away from Lansky. After hearing his lyrics, potential was definitely there and Lansky and Versa began to build with the local emcee, whose personal and musical interests met with theirs. “After a couple months building with Remy, we knew he was the missing link to what would become The Children Of The Night”. Now, COTN continues to focus on performing live at venues around the city, getting on college and internet radio stations, as well as prepping their freshmen mixtape release “100%”. “The songs, personalities and lyrics are all forming a very durable fabric.” Explains Lansky. “No frills, no need for the silk and ice, and nothing fake, fuck rayon. This is what everybody needs, it’s the fabric of life, COTN, 100%!”

With that and my homie Lansky’s permission, download and enjoy, 100%. Aptly titled as it’s 100% free, 100% Hip Hop, and 100% dope.

Download: Children of the Night – 100%