Rockwell Knuckles – The Glow [Mixtape]


With the St. Lunatics planning on dropping and album this summer (check the video out here) I figured it was time I put a little more shine on my city, St. Louis. I’ve exposed you to Soul Tyde and Blackspade, now it’s time to let you know about one of other dope emcees to come out of the area, thanks to The Smoking Section. Rockwell Knuckles, The Northside Phenomenon, is a dope emcee cut in the vein of…well shit, nobody. His sound is just as unique as the rest of the Midwest folks. His energy and cadence is unlike I’ve heard but still familiar in some odd way. You may have heard him on one of Stoney Rock’s (Blackspade) tracks but more recently at the SXSW in Austin, TX. If you are looking for gun totin’, bling rap, please skip the download. If you are looking for some good quality Hip-Hop, I invite you to download The Glow.


Download: Rockwell Knuckles – The Glow