Friday Night ‘Fro: House Party


Seeing at how much I love the movie House Party, I know a lot of people thought this movie would’ve been featured on Friday Night ‘Fro a while ago. Well, I didn’t want to be too obvious. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you really need to step up your cinema game. To me, House Party is one of the best Hip-Hop movies ever. You read that right, I said it: Hip-Hop Movie Classic. From Play dancing while vacuuming his living room to the rap battle at the actual “house party”, this movie is way more Hip-Hop than Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. If you listen to the actual rhymes of Kid ‘N Play, their not that bad; even compared to today’s rhymes:

Play –
And that’s me, the capital P on the hype tip
One false move and you’ll get your ass whipped
Just tell me how the rhymes and the cuts sound
You won’t start feelin the pain till you touch ground
Boy, you’re goin way out, I’m ready to serve you
If you can stay I’ll pass you by curfew
Look at him, already a has-been
Let Uncle Play say a rhyme that’ll tuck your ass in

Not bad huh. I’ve talked enough (It’s Friday night people). And beside making my own trailer for the film, I think I’ve already did my fair share of spreading the word about House Party (300,000 views and counting on YouTube). Check out the movie and tell us what you think. Classic shit!

House Party

Bonus: House Party Trailer Recut