Song of the Week: Goodie Mob – “Soul Food”


What better song to put up on Thanksgiving than Goodie Mob’s “Soul Food”? Atlanta’s best four-man group might have made the best Hip-Hop song about food of all time (No disrespect to the Fat Boys).  My favorite line gotta be Cee-Lo’s last verse:

“A heaping helping of fried chicken/Macaroni and cheese and collard greens/Too big for my jeans/Smoke steams from under the lid that’s on the pot/Ain’t never had allot but thankful for the little that I got/Why not be? Fast food got me feeling sick/Them crackers think they sick/By trying to make this bullshit affordable/I thank the Lord that my voice was recordable”

But all is not well in the land of nappyafro. While most of you will be grubbing on some Turkey Day goodness, your boy B-Easy will be stuck in a f@cking cubicle for the day. King Jerm also shares the same fate as he is also working at his job today. (*Sighs*) I’ll try my hardest not to be too bitter.

Happy Thanksgiving!