MF Doom – “Batty Boys”

King Jerm is always getting accused of liking the mainstream stuff, while I can admit to being the one on staff to embrace the new school, I still know about “real” Hip-Hop people. I can be close minded when it comes to music now, for example, when I don’t buy into your gimmick, I will not listen to you. Take for instance your boy MF DOOM, DOOM, or whatever he goes by. I couldn’t take him serious because of his mask that he wears. So I never listened to him.

The other day my boy John Doe put me onto a song by him titled “Batty Boy”. I was taken over by the way he was just SPITTING over a SICK beat. The song made me want to throw on some GTA and go on a couple of rampages. He kind of reminds me of what Ol’ Dirty would sound like without the “Drunken Flow”. See, I still listen to “real” Hip-Hop from time to time. I hope everyone enjoys this installment of Song of the Week!