DMF of the Week: Lil B

“100 thousand nigga…all day nigga!”

Cruising the net I ran across this gem right here…Lil’ B. What I didn’t know about this guy is that he is part of the Oakland group The Pack (a group that has been featured on the Fro.) I didn’t know that he has such a internet following either. What I do know about this guy is this…if there is a HELL, he has a reservation. This nigga has numerous songs on YouTube, but the two that really caught my attention were these two. “Look Like Jesus” and “I’m a Martian”. In these two “freestyles” he calls himself a “bitch”, a “pretty bitch”, a “faggot” and did I mention he called himself a BITCH! What has the game come to when its cool to refer to yourself in these terms? REALLY? What threw me even more was that posters on Okayplayer were cosigning this GARBAGE. Reason why I mentioned the Okayplayer cosign, these people are notorious musical SNOBS. I really have no words for this guy..he even had a video rapping with a gun to his head while wearing a BULLETPROOF VEST! How dumb is this guy? When you see guys like this that “make it” in the game we call Hip-Hop, I can see why MC Underground is upset with the success of “rappers” like Lil’ B. Since you are a “pretty bitch”, I’m sure The Fro making you DMF of the Week wouldn’t be much of a diss.Congratulations Lil’ B and welcome to the club! WATCH THE VIDEOS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!