The Boondocks – “A Date With the Booty Warrior” [Video]

I usually catch every episode of The Boondocks on Sunday and give a recap but this week was different because a few emergencies came up last night as well as little thing called work (Which I’m at now). But hey, seeing previews of  “A Date with the Booty Warrior”earlier this week, here’s what I do know:  Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson (from MSNBC’s Lockup documentary series) as well as Tossed Salad Man (from HBO’s America Undercover and made famous by Chris Rock) make parodied appearances. Thomas Dubois also has to deal with he greatest fear of being anally rapped. Tom, Huey, & Riley get trapped in prison. That’s about it.

I was still able to grab the episode as well as a hilarious screen shot and I may come back when I’ve actually watched the episode and give my two cents then (apparently, no one at nappyafro caught the episode either; “Et tu, nappyafro crew?”). But if you can’t wait until then, Rizoh over at The Rap Up did a great recap of the episode.

Source: Yardie