Cee-Lo Green – “No One’s Gonna Love You”

It’s funny that the only song I really know by Band Of Horses IS “No One’s Gonna Love You”. I remember hearing it a few years ago and thinking how it was indie rock and a little sad (All of this before grabbing the mp3). Three years later Cee-Lo Green covers it for his upcoming album Cee-Lo Green Is The Lady Killer. Not only does he do the song justice but I actually pefer this new version over the original. I even ripped a mp3 off the YouTube video (Provided below until a CDQ version drops of course).

The accompaning video for “No One’s Gonna Love You” doesn’t even have an apperance from Cee-Lo. Just a young couple on a very, very crazy road trip (Meaning drugs, drinking, nudity, etc). Back with Green’s vocals, the video defintiely grabs the feeling of the song and cover the visuals very well. Awesome music video.

Okay Cee-Lo, with “Georgia” and now this you’re two for two on songs I’ve heard from your new album. More tracks like this and maybe I can forgive that you barely rap anymore.

Download: Cee-Lo Green – “No One’s Gonna Love You”
Original: Band Of Horses – “No One’s Gonna Love You”