Quotable: Asher Roth’s Verse On “Fat Raps (remix)”

Lately, I’ve been listening to Big Sean’s new mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG. A lot (It’s pretty good). The big posse cut off the mixtape is the remix of Chip Tha Ripper’s “Fat Raps”. While the track features six rappers who all do thier thing, it’s Asher Roth’s next to last verse that steals the show. I may not agree with King Jerm’s claim about Asher being the The GOAT White Rapper, but Asher’s recent verses have been ones to take notice off. Add this one to those.

I be frustrated with the way this shits be aging
I’m about to take a break and get away on a vacation
Like, maybe Malaysia to escape though mediation,
I’ll just eat, pray and wait for my day of revelation
Or I’ll, take peyote, roam the rivers of Nairobi
Change my name to Navaho and live alone and only grow weed
Cause, this naomi flowing show gets pretty lonely,
Don’t nobody ever know you, everybody call you homie
Uh, Monie Monie they’ll be sure to treat you phonie
As soon as you hit your low they won’t be picking up the phone see,
I move tacomi show this fools that I am hoaming
When I’m on the microphone all you wannabe’s can blow
So, take this boner to the dome you little Bo Peeps,
That maybe inapropi but I’m certainly no sheep
See, I only lead in this game of entertainment,
Roth and Big Sean, we on, Finally Famous

Sidenote: Sorry if I got a word or two wrong. Chuck Inglish’s bass on the song is crazy.

Download: Chip Tha Ripper feat. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, Boldy James, & Asher Roth – “Fat Raps”