‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Week 3)

Well, well, well…another week of the ‘Fro Fantasy Football League has came and gone, and for a few of us…the same results! Last week we had two members of the nappyafro staff going head to head (PAUSE) King Jerm vs. B-Easy. This battle turned out to be a slugfest that lasted all day until the Jets defense did a number on the Miami Dolphins. I don’t know if you guys know this but, B-Easy is 2-0 against the staff. Another impressive showing from Mike’s and Slik P’s teams as they remained the two lone undefeated teams in the league. All of that will come to an end next week, they are going to square up with each other! The most shocking news of the weekend came when the crowd favorite, King Jerm LOSS his THIRD game in a row. I know my fans out there are a little down, but don’t worry…we might have a surprise for you guys this week! I really do feel bad for my whoa Saule Wright…he is sitting in the basement with me, but the only difference is HE IS REALLY GOOD WITH THE FANTASY! So hopefully he can get back on track this week in his game against B-Easy. Oh, before I forget…shout out goes to Tisha who got her FIRST win! (not the last one either) I want ya’ll to give it up for the lone female in a room of guys getting it on! That didn’t sound right did it? CHECK OUT THE RESULTS!!!

King Jerm’s Typhoon Tunechi – 83.32
B-Easy’s JETS FOOL – 94.68

Cyclone’s Footinyoazzsquadron – 69.80
Randy’s Greensboro’s Greatest – 104.62

Faraji’s Unfucwitable – 83.64
DDot’s Don Burgundy – 102.70

Saule Wright’s Hip Hop Avengers – 84.24

Otis’ Hit Squad – 65.60
Tisha’s Rock’emNiccas – 90.74

Slik’s Slik SquadVirus – 111.20
Arkitekt’s Midnight Maruaders – 105.10

2. Slik SquadVirus  3-0
3. Don Burgundy 2-1
4. Hit Squad 2-1
5. JETS FOOL 2-1
6. Greensboro’s Greatest 2-1
7. Midnight Marauders 1-2
8. Unfucwitable 1-2
9. Rock’emNiccas 1-2
10. Footinyoazz Squadron 1-2
11. Hip Hop Avengers 0-3
12. Typhoon Tunechi 0-3