Young Jeezy – “D-Boyz” (Live In Detroit) [Video]

Let’s be honest: At the moment, Young Jeezy isn’t as hot in the streets as he used to be. Even after releasing three mixtapes this year, it just seems like Jizzle can’t get any real steam behind his upcoming album Thug Motivation 103 (Speaking of “Jizzle”, that may have been a bad choice for a single too).

But that’s not to say we should count Jaylen out. Example: “D-Boyz”. Off the highly underrated Trap Or Die Pt. 2, “D-Boyz” may be one of my favorite song this year (I’ve already talked about what happens when Cannon & Jeezy connect). This is not an official video treatment for the song, but Decatur Dan still brings some ill visual of Jeezy’s Detroit show. Kinda fitting since he shouts out D-Town natives Eminem & Trick Trick in the actual song.

Source: Decatur Dan