‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Week 9)

Week 9 is a wrap and in the books. This week we didn’t see as much shifting around, due to the fact that the winning teams kept winning, and the losing teams kept losing. We had some good matchups this week that included a thriller between Arkitekt’s Midnight Maruaders and Faraji’s Unfucwitable. The game was decided by THREE points on Monday night! Other than that, the rest of the matches weren’t even close. Since you are worried about how I did, I got back to my winning ways putting up the second highest score. The highest score went to Mike’s WECAMETOKICKASS over his tag team partner Stevie Ray…I mean Tisha’s Rock’emNiccas. Both teams put up over a hundred in the high scoring matchup. Only two more games against the other division, then its back to division play where I have some scores to settle with some people. I just want them to know…I AM NOT THE SAME TEAM YOU FACED EARLIER! Here are the results!

Results (Week 9)

King Jerm’s Typhoon Tunechi – 124.80
Randy’s Greensboro’s Greatest – 79.34

B-Easy’s JETS FOOL – 82.26
Cyclone’s Footinyoazz Squadron – 72.96

Arkitekt’s Midnight Marauders – 85.20
Faraji’s Unfucwitable – 82.46

Tisha’s Rock’emNiccas – 112.34

Otis’ Hit Squad – 87.36
Saule’s Hip Hop Avengers – 78.56

Slik P’s Slik SquadVirus – 72.72
D-Dot’s Don Burgundy – 28.52

Overall Standings (Top 8 Make Playoffs)

2. Slik SquadVirus
3. Hit Squad
4. Midnight Maruaders
5. Typhoon Tunechi
6. Unfucwitable
7. Greensboro’s Greatest
9. Rock’emNiccas
10. Hip Hop Avengers
11. Footinyoazz Squadron
12. Don Burgundy