‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Championship Edition)

Well folks, the inaugural season went pretty well if you asked me. We had some good times and we had some bad times, but the end result was for us to have fun! It all came down to two squads: WECAMETOKICKASS, who had the best record and scored the most points against Unfucwitable, who had an average record and average points. On paper it looked like WECAME should win this one…easily. Too bad the games aren’t won on paper…they are won on the field. All the scheming in the world didn’t help out WECAME on this final week of the season, his tag team partner couldn’t help him, hell MIKE VICK couldn’t even help him! It appears that Unfucwitable CAME TO KICK ASS! That’s what he did..not once, but TWICE this season. WECAME was not able to avenge an earlier season loss that he suffered from the hands of Unfucwitable in the championship game. I kind of feel bad for him…(no I don’t really) he did his best all year and his third loss cost him the CHAMPIONSHIP! As Cyclone put it, “It’s like the Patriots losing to the Giants all over again!” Yes, it was! Let’s give a round of applause to the runner up WECAMETOKICKASS for one hell of a season. Now that’s out the way…LET’S GIVE IT UP FOR THE CHAMPION…UNFUCWITABLE for winning the inaugural ‘Fro Fantasy Football League!

Next season we are playing for money and a REAL trophy! Don’t miss it!

Final Standings

1. Unfucwitable
3. Typhoon Tunechi
4. Slik SquadVirus
6. Hit Squad
7. Midnight Marauders
8. Greensboro’s Greatest
9. Rock’emNiccas
10. Hip Hop Avengers
11. Footinyoazz Squadron
12. Don Burgundy