What Movies Did You See In 2010?

On January 8th 2009 I made this statement: “There’s a few loves in my life. One of those strong ones is Hip-Hop. But honestly, another one is watching movies”. And on January 8th 2010, it’s still the same. Just like last year I will post up all the movies I saw in 2010. But as a added bonus, my homie and fellow movie nappyafro head Verbose will be also joining in. After the list, we list our individual Top 5 Best Movies as well our Top 5 Worst Movies. Join along…

* Mean only B-Easy saw it
** Means only Verbose saw it

127 Hours*
A Nightmare On Elm Street*
Alice In Wonderland
Alpha And Omega
Animal Kingdom*
Black Swan
Brooklyn’s Finest
Casino Jack**
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore**
Clash Of The Titans
Cop Out
Date Night
Death At A Funeral*
Despicable Me
Dinner For Schmucks
District 13: Ultimatum**
Easy A
Enter The Void
Exit Through The Gift Shop
For Colored Girls*
Four Lions
From Paris With Love**
Get Him To The Greek
Get Low*
Green Zone**
Grown Ups
Harry Brown**
Holly Rollers**
Hot Tub Time Machine
How To Train Your Dragon
Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist And Rebel*
I Love You Phillip Morris
I’m Still Here
Iron Man 2
Jackass 3D**
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work*
Jonah Hex**
Just Wright*
Knight And Day
La Horde**
Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole
Lottery Ticket*
Never Let Me Go*
Our Family Wedding*
Paper Man**
Paranormal Activity 2*
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief**
Piranha 3D
Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time*
REC 2**
Repo Men
Resident Evil: Afterlife**
Robin Hood**
Saw 3D**
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
She’s Out of My League**
Shutter Island
The A-Team
The American**
The Book Of Eli*
The Crazies
The Expendables
The Experiment
The Fighter*
The Freebie*
The Human Centipede**
The Karate Kid*
The Kids Are All Right*
The Killer Inside Me
The Killing Jar
The Last Airbender**
The Last Exorcism
The Losers
The Other Guys
The Runaways**
The Social Network
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice**
The Switch
The Town
The Virginity Hit*
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Valentine’s Day
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps*
When in Rome**
Why Did I Get Married Too?*
Winter’s Bone*
Youth In Revolt

Some thoughts about the movie list:
*Damn! Between us we watch 116 different movies in 2010 alone; 177 if we don’t combine lists (Remember, these are only movies that were released in 2010). Individually: B-Easy – 89 Verbose – 88

Top 5 Movies of 2010


5. La Horde (The Horde)
Two rival gangs meet in a rundown apartment complex to do battle. At that very same moment, the whole World over, the dead all rise up and swarm the living. Trapped, the 2 gangs decide to work together to survive. This movie is a total bloodbath, with some pretty funny dialog. Just a straight up fun, fast-paced zombie flick.

4. The Killing Jar
Filmed on a shoestring budget, the only reason I even gave it a chance was to see Michael Madsen play the closest thing to “Mr.Blonde” that he’s done since. Its dark, good dialog, always keeps you guessing. This one is a real sleeper.

3. Enter The Void
A cinematic masterwork. Nothing like this has been attempted like this, ever. Its very dark, frightening (theres a car crash scene so real it made me nauseous) and deserves to be seen by anyone with a love for film. Only drawback is the legenth, otherwise, pitch perfect and visionary.

2. Black Swan
Darren Aronofsky has yet to let me down with anything since PI. This is probably his worst movie yet, but its still heads and tails better than most movies you’ll ever have the pleasure to watch.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
The true geek in me found this to be the most enjoyable movie I’d see in years. From effects to music to dialog to hot chicks and cool superhero fights, this one is Spiderman for the hip kids. But I mean that in a good way. Classic, A Must See.

Honorable Mentions: Catfish, Four Lions, Inception, Kick-Ass, The Social Network, The Town, True Grit, Youth In Revolt


5. The Fighter
Years later, don’t be surprised to see The Fighter ranked in the upper echelon of boxing movies. Plus, this movie remind people that even though Christian Bale may be a dick on movie sets, he is a bonafide actor.

4. Toy Story 3
No Godfather Part III shit here. Not many second sequels are as good as Toy Story 3. And by good I mean it makes grown men cry. Damn Andy. Why you had to grow up?

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
I was one of those people that read the Scott Pilgrim comics way before they came out. I was also one of those people that thought it couldn’t be brought properly to the movie screen. Well, I was wrong and Edgar Wright was right. Geeks up. Exes Down.

2. The Social Network
You remember Jesse Eisenberg was called the poor man’s Michael Cera? Yea, me neither. David Fincher proves again why he’s my favorite director. Who knew that a movie about the founding of Facebook was this interesting? And I don’t even have a Facebook page.

1. Exit Through The Gift Shop
“The world’s first street art disaster movie” is also my favorite movie from 2010. Sometime the best stories are the real one. Or the made up ones. Even if it turns out that we’ve all been tricked by Banksy, this movie is still awesome.

Honorable Mentions: 127 Hours, Despicable Me, Enter The Void, Frozen, Kick-Ass, True Grit, Paranormal Activity 2, The Virginity Hit, The Kids Are All Right, Catfish, Buried, The Town

Top 5 Worst Movies of 2010


5. Grown Ups
I honestly dont know why I hated this so much. With the exception of Kevin James, I’m a huge fan off most of the cast’s previous work. I laughed maybe once or twice. And the rest was formulaic claptrap that bored me. But middle America loved it, so maybe I’m the crazy one.

4. From Paris With Love
I make a huge point to sit all the way thru a movie unless I ABSOLUTELY cant take it. And I couldnt take this. I got about 25min in and I bailed. Really shitty stuff. Just retire already Travolta. You got the Jet, give it up bruh.

3. Casino Jack
^^see above^^  I’m a fan Spacey, you can recover, just dont do something this boring and un-funny again and we can all probably forgive you.

2. Saw 3D
A horrible end to a horrible franchise. The first movie had its moments and brought something new to the cinematic table. But it all went down hill from there until it dragged us into a pit of hot garbage with this one. Thank Christ these are done now. Use those 3D bucks to see Jackass 3D instead. At least its funny.

1. Cop-Out
I used to be a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s work. Clerks, Mallrats, DOGMA, Chasing Amy. The man has made some REALLY funny movies over the years. And MAYBE this couldve been salvaged if they had replaced one actor: Tracy Jordan. Sorry, Tracy MORGAN. When is hollywood gunna realize that they’re abusing a mentally challenged man!?? Hes autistic and a little downs all wrapped up in a big goofy package. Bruce Willis couldnt save this, Smith couldnt save this, and I’m pretty sure Tracy had no idea where he was when they filmed it. Save your money and see the funny buddy-cop movie this year; The Other Guys.

Dishonorable Mentions: Alpha And Omega, Legion, Robin Hood, Jonah Hex, When in Rome


5. Alpha And Omega
As soon as I watched this I asked Verbose did it really go to the theaters. There is some fun to be had here, but with the bad animation and predictable story, this should have went straight to DVD and not in your local cineplex in 3D.

4. Never Let Me Go
I read the book and it was boring. I saw the movie and it was boring. I guess I should blame myself for this one.

3. Skyline
I’ll give this movie props for working with a low budget. I even give the movie props for giving Donald Faison movie work. But this shit should have been on the SyFy Channel. Period.

2. Just Wright
Let’s be real, every time Common and Queen Latifah kissed or had sexual moments, that shit was real awkward. And Lonnie playing in the NBA and dunking on fools? Naw man.

1. Piranha 3d
Okay, beside watching a couple porn starts get mutilated, did anybody honestly like this movie? I understand a bad movie being so bad it’s good, but I thought this was just bad. Blame yourselves America, there will be a sequel.

Dishonorable Mentions: Legion, Killers, The Switch, For Colored Girls