Why You Should Listen To: Curren$y [MixEP]

So the last piece I wrote was on Spitta, and I gave y’all his underground discography. Well our own Verbose told me that the amount of music I gave was overwhelming. He suggested I give you guys a MixEp like H20 did for Charles Hamilton. I had no problem doing this. The hardest thing was picking the songs really. Anyway here is some of Curren$y the Hot Spitta’s best work (in my opinion). Check it out!

1. Title Track (Fear And Loathing In New Orleans)
2. Serious Freestyle (Welcome Back)
3. Audio Dope (Smokee Robinson)
4. I Did It Myself (Super Tecmo Bowl)
5. She On My Mind (Independence Day)
6. Smoke-N-Maintain (Life At 30,000 Feet)
7. Another Story To Tell (Welcome To The Winner’s Circle)
8. Galaxy Rap (Life At 30,000 Feet)
9. Can I Have it Like this (G Series Vol. 1)
10. The Explanation (Fin…)

Download: Why You Should Listen To: Curren$y [MixEP]