Why You Should Listen To: Charles Hamilton [MixEP]

My last column was about how I had Charles’ back. In response, I got some love, some hate, and a whole lot of: “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!” It’s all good, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I feel like the reason most people can’t appreciate the dope-ness of CH is his GIANT discography; he’s even got different eras of music! You’ve got the ’08 Hamiltonization Process, Living in the Dead Zone, the studio albums, all the mixtapes and Cinematic Illusions, and the recent 20Hamil10ization Process. It’s overwhelming even for the most devout fan.

To put it all in perspective, 18 mixtapes and 2 studio albums have been released to the internet by Sonic THIS YEAR ALONE. Wow.

With all that music available, it’s literally impossible to expect anyone new to this artist to know where to start. But, your good friends at nappyafro.com are here once again with just the thing to get you started. Don’t you love us (Pause.)?

Behold, from the mind of our very own Verbose, comes the latest and greatest invention, the MixEP!! A mixtape comprised of only 10 tracks, therefore cutting down on file size and giving you a concise sample of an artist, because, let’s face it, if you don’t like 10 tracks from an artist, you probably won’t ever like them.

Which brings us back to StH. I’ve created nappyafro’s first second MixEP; 10 of some of my favorite Hamilton tracks to give you a good taste of what the man can do. To all the devout Hamiltonians out there, I couldn’t put every song by Charles on here, but I think this is a good list. Tracklist and download below.

1. Enter the Hedgehog-(Sonic the Hamilton)
2. 10 Minutes-(Sonic the Hamilton)
3. I Am Always Up to Something (Do That)-(10 Things I Hate About Me!)
4. Media Take Out-(Well This Isn’t Awkward)
5. This is Cheating-(Tafietu)
6. Neverland Ranch (Edit Posts)-(segahamilton.blogspot.com)
7. Pure Imagination-(Outside Looking)
8. All Alone-(This Perfect Life)
9. Neverland-(Well Isn’t This Awkward)
10. Writing in the Sky-(The Pink Lavalamp)

Download: Why You Should Listen To: Charles Hamilton [MixEP]