Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 4.5 [Review]

Joe Budden and his Mood Muzik series over the years has become a staple in the underground Hip-Hop scene. Now with his newfound success of his supergroup Slaughterhouse and their signing to Shady Records, Joe Budden can spread his introspective and all-telling rap style to a new specturm of listeners that he didnt have access to before. Budden has created a template to his must-listen series of Mood Muzik mixtapes over the years that artists have emulated.

If you have heard the mixtape already than bare with me, I’ma just give a quick review of what I thought of the mixtape as a whole before I get to the 7 extra tracks that come on 4.5.

When it comes to artists these days its hard to come across someone who has no problem giving you the real deal 100% of the time and doesnt try to pull the wool over your eyes. Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce to you Joe Budden. If your looking for a bunch of rapping about cocaine and some dude talking about absolutely nothing, than this mixtape isnt for you, rather this has more of an album feel as does most of the Mood Muzik mixtapes that he has dropped. The album is great, this has a diverse amount of tracks for more indepth opinion check out DuB’s Review.

Featuring Emanny; Produced J. Cardim
Joey is one of the few who can have a 9 minute track and keep you intrested in the whole thing. Produced by J.Cardim this song has a nice beat. Emanny who has been riding with Joey for a minute comes in with a dope mellow hook that will keep you attached to the song. Its nice to hear some diversity from Budden on this one.

Time Flies
Featuring Emanny
This reminds me of one of those songs that you play when you parlaying out on the street or something. Again Emanny hits hard with a dope hook. The beat is crazy real smooth and old school feeling.

You don’t want the truth bitch ! Probably shouldn’t ask me!

Real Estate
I really wonder who produces these beats for Joe; seems every beat fits his style perfectly. The militant drums go well with the horns and piano. This is some D-Block shit right here. Joey goes pretty hard on this, its a good pace change for the album to keep the listener interested. Definitely a beast mode type track as the lyrical slaughter is displayed here.

When It All Implodes
Guitar riffed type song, but real subtle without the them running to song. Joey is still at it, his bars make you think about what happens when the game is completely taken over and how he views the world like its ending. He keeps it pretty real on this track.

Life’s a bitch I’m fully ready to meet her, I’ll be in my best fit I’ma have the fresh ceasar, since I’m eager be in the room dusting off the heater, have a fully loaded 40 pointed at her when i meet her…

The Hard Part
I knew it was coming, Joe Budden gives us a little of what made him famous in the first place. This song is pretty soulful, not to mention the sample flip is pretty raw. This is one of those songs that a lot of dudes can relate to. Showing off his versatility and showing us how much of a complete artist he is. I would say its the best song of the album so far, very inspirational and its pretty much the masterpiece of this collection. Talking bout a fall out with girl and the whole process of court and how he feels, thats what makes this song so great, its his real life.

Okay I take it back, this is the best song on the album. The beat is so sick, He talks about how people take shots at him and the toll it takes on him but the way he speaks at some parts makes it feel like he is speaking for you, again shows the type of artist he is. He addresses how he puts himself out there contrary to what the media or what haters say to him, to many quotables in this one but Ima give you the hook which pretty much sums of the feeling of the song.

“I sorry I around more, stay up with me or stay on the ground floor/ I dont dont need shelter from the down pour, You can be whatever you want except for my down fall”

Spring Training
Produced J. Cardim
If you dont know, Canibus has had a couple choice words for Budden, this is one of those songs Budden drops he pretty much tells Canibus he dont want it, one of those warning shot records. But trust me when I tell you that warning shots is all Joey really needs, I dont see Canibus answering back:

I promise ya’ll, if I got high I will smoke Canibus.
In ‘012 why rep that hard, and who the fluck dug him up from Wyclefs backyard
And tell me thats ya strategy son, the clips extended they looking like natalie nunn

Yeah this isnt a beef Canibus wants to cook up.

Bottom Line:
Joe Budden is a true enigma, If you never heard a Budden track or album or mixtape before this small compilation of track from Budden WILL make you a fan of his music. Also you get the 17 or 18 songs that come on Mood Muzik 4 which by it self is one of the best mixtapes dropped last year. I was wondering how he was going to top Mood Muzik 3, but clearly he has done so, and has made it even better dropping these 7 extra tracks though I would of preferred if he added “Ayo” featuring Emanny on there. I was nervous that he would stick with the real emotional type of tracks that he is known to flood the internet with but this collection was very diverse and real.

nappyPicks: “Downfall”, “The Hard Part”, “When It All Implodes”

If I HAD to pick 3, I suggest everyone at least gives this a couple spins to appreciate it, it is really refreshing to hear a rapper be so outspoken and personal. Joey is one of the best at projecting that emotion through his voice, and that is what makes Mood Muzik 4 and 4.5 a definite must listen.