iPod Hustle: Rappers Over MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

MGMT’s “Electric Feel” may have ben released 2008, for some reason that song has been following me for the past few weeks. From watching an old episode of American Dad, to listening to Frank Ocean, to even going to the mall; I keep hearing this song. Even my iPod is finding ways to shuffle to this song (Or an interpretation/remix at random).

But it’s not just me, rappers are still rapping over the MGMT track. So why not write up a post looking at some rappers who have rapped over “Electric Feel” right? Right.

MGMT feat. Jim Jones – “Electric Feel (remix)”

Year: 2008
Jim Jones was the first rapper I knew that rapped over this beat. It makes since at the time Jimmy was remixing everybody’s shit (Remember he was on that “Day ‘N’ Nite” remix before it really blew). The funny thing is, a remix version of “Electric Feel” was suppose to be on Capo’s Pray IV Reign album but for some reason it didn’t. Maybe because it wasn’t that good of a remix?

They did a show [at United Palace Theater] up in Washington Heights, the initial conversation was just that it was an honor to meet them, I think they’re kinda cool. And from there it led into me saying, It’d be crazy if I remixed “Electric Feel”. They were like, Yeah, that would be crazy. So I said, Let me get the beats and shit. – Jim Jones

Nipsey Hussel feat. MGMT – “Call From The Bank”

Year: 2010
At first I was surprised to hear Nipsey Hussel over this beat but then I remembered that his first breakout hit (“Hussle In The House”) had a Kriss Kross sample. Plus, he killed the “Electric Feel” beat. Unlike Jim Jones’ version, Nipsey keeps it short and turns down MGMT involvement. Special points also because “Call From The Bank” is a cool title for a song. Off Nipsey Hussel’s mixtape The Marathon.

Frank Ocean – “Nature Feels”

Year: 2011
Okay, technically Frank Ocean is not a rapper but of the three “Electric Feel” remixes included on this list, Ocean’s version is by far my favorite. It may be due to him being able to sing but he actually makes the song his own. MGMT is nowhere to be found on this version and I’m sure a few people out there don’t even know about the original (Don’t expect to see this on the official re-release of Frank Ocean’s nostalgia,ULTRA. though).