Lil’ Wayne’s MTV Unplugged [Video]

Damn, while watching the Mavs hand an ass whooping to the Heat, I just plain forgot about Weezy’s Unplugged special on MTV2. Well thanks to the magic of the Internets, here it is.

I got to give it to Wayne, he just didn’t do “Lollipop” and that new song were he sings really bad, he did songs like “Mr. Carter”, “Money On My Mind”, to new tracks like “Nightmares Of The Bottom” and even his rendition of 2Pac’s “Hail Mary”.

Seems like the crowd was really into as they knew every word to every song. Good show by Lil’ Wayne.

Sidenote: I may be aging myself, but I guess Unplugged is just a name now huh?

Update: You can download the audio for Wayne’s Unplugged right here.

Source: Mr. World Premiere