Wale feat. Rick Ross & Jadakiss – “600 Benz” [Video]

I know what you’re thinking; “Doesn’t Rick Ross & Music Maybach release a new video almost everyday?”. And you’re right. But this go around it looks like a little more money was spent on “600 Benz” than the other recent ones release for Self Made Vol. 1. But besides that, it’s your usual MMG treatment (Expensive cars, women, flossing, etc.). I’m guessing the next dude besides Ross to drop an album from the group will be Wale right?

Directed by Spiff TV

Sidenote #1: Is it me or do everytime Ross & Jadakiss get on a track together there is a car name in the title?

Sidenote #2: One day, before I die, I vow to walk in the rain while somebody in a suit holds an umbrella over me. Better if I act like that person is not even relavent.

Source: Complex