Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch The Throne Documentary [Video]

After seeing it online all day, I finally got a chance to watch the whole 10 minutes of this Watch The Throne Documentary (Which I guess is leaked since it’s been getting yanked down all day). It shows Jay-Z & Kanye West as they travel around the world and create the Watch The Throne album. It has some interesting moments:

  • While they’re very private couple, we get to see Beyonce actually interact with Jay-Z at his birthday dinner (King B makes a few cameos in the video).
  • Speaking of that dinner, watch how much Kanye explained what went into the ring he got Jay-Z as a birthday present. Even though they’re basically on the same level in terms of fame, Yeezy still wants the approval and acceptance from his “Big Brother”.
  • I know that Kanye mentioned Russell Crowe in a (I guess) upcoming song, but did he REALLY have to come to the studio and hear it? I mean, what the fuck is Russell Crowe doing in the studio with Jay-Z and Kanye West? (I heard Russell Brand‘s name in that same song so I guess he should look for an invite too).
  • In this technological era, Jay-Z recording a verse looks like my homeboys back in the day recording a verse; just a chair and a computer.

It’s more, but you can just watch it for yourself.