Lenny Kravitz – “Boongie Drop” (feat. Jay-Z) x “Sunflower” (feat. Drake)

Why not right? Lenny Kravitz grabs two of the world’s biggest rappers for two separate tracks off his upcoming album Black And White America.

The first song, “Boongie Drop”, featuring Hov is really no surprised since both artists have collaborated a couple times in the past already. I’ve never really loved the Lenny/Jay collaborations but this one is probably the worst of them. Jay-Z doesn’t sound bad on his verse here, but hearing Lenny Kravitz sing about a chick dropping it low is kinda odd.

I’m guessing Lenny Kravitz produced the Drake featuring “Sunflower”, but the feel of it could pass for a Neptunes track. It’s the better of these two tracks and Drizzy & Kravitz blend much better. Drake once again raps about his ex-girl or whatever so he’s in regular mode here.

Lenny Kravitz’s Black And White America drops on August 30th.

Download: Lenny Kravitz feat. Jay-Z & DJ Military – “Boongie Drop”

Download: Lenny Kravitz feat. Drake – “Sunflower”