Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno Mars – “Lighters” [Video]

“Lighters” is by far the worst song off Hell: The Sequel. And of course they made a music video for it. It’s not like I don’t understand, this song has radio written all over it; people gotta get paid.

Interscope had to be like, “Look Em, if we let you do a whole album with Royce, you better believe Bruno Mars is gonna be on that bitch!”. (Of course Royce claims it was his idea. Right).

But did the video have to be so sappy? If Royce Da 5’9″ & Eminem were holding hands at the end of this video, I wouldn’t have been surprised. And will some Em superfan (The ones that keep this post alive) please explain to me the metaphor of this video. Em has writer’s block and he goes into the basement and Royce is in jail so he climbs in the wall?

Bad Meets Evil indeed. Anyway, this song is probably gonna be a big hit. Hell, it already kinda is.

Bonus: You can always Royce’s “Writer’s Block” video that dropped on the same day as this. I see what you doing Nickel.