‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Week 8]

I keep saying that every point matters in this league. That statement was SO true during this weeks games. How would you feel if you loss by ONE yard? Well, one of the teams this week experienced that. I will tell you who later on. We are now at the official half way mark and that means that some teams are still hustling for those coveted 10 playoff spots. There is still time for those on the outside to get in and those on the inside to get out. Only time will tell. Let’s get to the results!

Week 8 Results (winners in BOLD)

Heisenberg – 97.00
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 53.02

The battle of husband vs. wife wasn’t really a contest. The Doc didn’t have enough medication to put Heisenberg to sleep.

Black Death – 52.32
Head Bangaz – 74.06

Cyclone stopped the Cool Dee’s winning streak with a victory in this matchup. Both teams are jockeying for the playoffs, so a rematch might be in the making.

Hit Squad – 54.92
Spread Jermz – 88.78

Spread Jermz keeps winning (and makes sure we all know about it too) by taking down Big O and the Hit Squad. This battle might have been closer if Brady wasn’t going against the Steelers.

Tyshon Rockz – 69.16
Vice Kings – 69.26

The most heartbreaking loss in FFFL history came down to ONE YARD! Tisha almost upset the still undefeated Vice Kings. Clay Davis KEEPS finding a way to win even when Drew Brees had one of the worst games of his career.

Vaudeville Villains – 111.80
North Caka Laka All Day – 69.46

Arkitekt disposed of Jenk with no problems in this one. Looks like Ark is picking up steam as the playoffs approach. His team will continue to be a problem as long as he has Peterson.

Watch the Thrown – 43.10
DuBzzz – 0.00

DTrot wins the gimme game against DuB. I mean..who hasn’t beat this team? Oh yeah..Los Pollos Hermanos didn’t.

Fuck yo feelings – 78.94
Detroit FaceFuckers – 43.00

P from the D hasn’t been in the win column for 2 weeks now…I guess he’s hungry for faces. Jamal wasn’t trying to hear that this week, he wasn’t gone stick around for all of that! Good win!

Shut_em_da_fuck_up – 60.70
Hip Hop Junkies – 129.82

Stephen Jackson finally showed up, along with the acquisition of LeSean McCoy, ol’ Saule Wright put up some high numbers this week when he took down the defending champion Faraji. Can’t call them the Hip Hop Flunkies anymore!

Los Pollos Hermanos – 74.86
sliver_street_riders – 87.74

The woes continued this week for MSimms LPH. This matchup would have been different had he played some different people, but he didn’t and has to suffer the consequences of his 8th straight loss. The guy can’t catch a break.

Overall Standings

1. Vice Kings 8-0

2. Vaudeville Villains 7-1

3. Detroit FaceFuckers 6-2

4. sliver_street_riders 6-2

5. Spread Jermz 6-2

6. Fuck yo Feelings 6-2

7. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate 5-3

8. Heisenberg 5-3

9. Head Bangaz 4-4

10. Hit Squad 4-4

11. Tyshon Rockz – 3-5

12. Black Death 3-5

13. Hip Hop Junkies 2-6

14. North Caka Laka All Day 2-6

15. Watch the Thrown 2-6

16. DuBzzz 2-6

17. Shut_em_da_fuck_up 1-7

18. Los Pollos Hermanos 0-8