‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Week 11]

Well Week 11 came and went. This was the week that all the rivalries came to a head. We had King Jerm vs. Tisha, Dr. Mom vs. Jamal, and Spread Jermz vs. MSimms. Neither one of those matchups lived up to the billing. We’ll talk about the matchups below. 2 weeks left in the season and we have 5 teams competing for the final 2 playoff spots! So it all comes down to this…either GO HARD or GO HOME! Let’s get to the results!

Week 11 Results (winners in BOLD)

Heisenberg  – 78.40
Tyshon Rockz  – 94.94

Tisha continued her dominance over King Jerm. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t beat her in fantasy football. Might be all the hate that I have for her. Oh well…good win Tisha.

Hit Squad  – 78.76
Vaudeville Villains  – 64.26

Big O took advantage of Adrian Peterson going down and defeated Arkitekt’s squad. Ark better get it together before the playoffs hit or he’s going to be in trouble.

Black Death  – 57.62
Watch the Thrown  – 67.84

Don’t look now but DTrot is quietly making some noise and is on the cusp of the playoffs. All he has to do is continue winning and he is in!

Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 82.58
Fuck yo feelings  – 103.50

Jamal made good on his promise and beat the Doc. He may not be well liked, but he continues to win. You can’t hate on that at all.

Head Bangaz  – 92.06
Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 60.56

Cyclone rolled over Faraj and felt slighted that no one cared about his win. He is another one that crept into the playoffs without causing a stir. His fate lays in the hands of a healthy Mike Vick.

Spread Jermz  – 76.60
Los Pollos Hermanos  – 56.96

The matchup of the two trash talkers went to Spread Jermz in this one. He killed the playoff hopes of LPH, but that didn’t stop LPH from talking trash.

Vice Kings  – 95.36
sliver_street_riders  – 40.28

Clay Davis took Eric behind the woodshed and demolished him. I don’t know what happened, but Clay Davis whooped that ass!

North Caka Laka All Day  – 87.40
Hip Hop Junkies  – 33.34

Jenk put the pound game on Saule Wright in this matchup. Saule struggled to put points on the board this week and he was plagued again with bad roster decisions.

DuBzzz  – 0.00
Detroit FaceFuckers  – 80.36

P from the D got the gimme game against DuB’s squad.

Overall Standings (top 10 make the playoffs)

1. Vice Kings (10-1)

2. Fuck you Feelings (9-2)

3. Vaudeville Villains (8-3)

4. sliver_street_riders (8-3)

5. Detroit FaceFuckers (8-3)

6. Spread Jermz (8-3)

7. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (6-5)

8. Hit Squad (6-5)

9. Tyshon Rockz (5-6)

10. Head Bangaz (5-6)

11. Heisenberg (5-6)

12. Black Death (5-6)

13. Watch the Thrown (5-6)

14. North Caka Laka All Day (3-8)

15. Shut_em_da_fuck_up (2-9)

16. Los Pollos Hermanos (2-9)

17. Hip Hop Junkies (2-9)

18. DuBzzz (2-9)