‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Week 12]

With one week to go in the regular season, I would have to say that this year’s version of the FFFL lived up to its expectations. We had a pretty good turnout this year, everyone managed their teams (except DuB…no shots), we didn’t have any collusion this year, and we didn’t have any personal attacks..okay that last part was ALMOST true up until Tuesday. The trash talk was at a minimum this year but the gloves came off and the Niggardly Levels (c) Mistagoodbar spiked at an all time high. Never in Fantasy League history has a life been threatened or the need for the police to be called. But it went down in our league! See what you miss out on when you don’t join the BEST fantasy football league NOT on television? I’m sure next year people will be trying to reserve spots in May! Let’s get to the results!

Week 12 Results (winners in BOLD)

Heisenberg  – 109.02
Vaudeville Villains  – 66.40

Arkitekt ran up on the buzz saw known as Heisenberg and got dealt with. Not that Ark cared about this game at all, he had already clinched a playoff berth and I was fighting for a spot.

Watch the Thrown  – 99.46
Tyshon Rockz  – 128.88

Thanks to Jimmy Graham, Pierre Thomas, and Mark Ingram, Tisha put up the high score of the week and solidified herself a playoff spot with a win over DTrot! Don’t look now, but Tisha’s team is kinda scary!

Fuck yo feelings  – 69.62
Hit Squad  – 81.44

The Big O took care of Jamal in this matchup. According to Jamal, he was taking this week off. I don’t know about that one, but he better get it together come playoff time!

Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 95.36
Black Death  – 56.20

Cool Dee was no match for Faraji in this one as he tries to salvage what’s left of his season. He ends the season with a matchup versus his #2 rival Tisha. Should be a good one!

Los Pollos Hermanos  – 72.14
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 67.44

Thanks to a garbage TD late in the game, LPH picked up his third win of the season. Had the Doc started Stevie Johnson instead of that other WR…we wouldn’t be having this conversation!

sliver_street_riders  – 76.90
Head Bangaz  – 51.24

Cyclone could have gotten knocked out the playoffs with this loss right here. Drafting Vick was a gift and a curse for him this season. There is always next season!

Hip Hop Junkies  – 59.12
Spread Jermz  – 59.84

That same garbage TD that affected the LPH vs DrMom affected this one too. Spread Jermz escaped with a narrow victory in this head to head battle of staff members.

Detroit FaceFuckers  – 68.98
Vice Kings  – 101.22

Clay Davis wasn’t about to get face fucked by P from the D.  He pretty much locked up the best record in the league with this one. I really don’t want to be on his side of the bracket come playoff time.

DuBzzz  – 0.00
North Caka Laka All Day  – 108.52

Jenk gets the gimme game against the vacated DuBzzz team.

Overall Standings (top ten make playoffs)

1. Vice Kings ** (11-1)

2. Fuck yo Feelings (9-3)

3. sliver street riders (9-3)

4. Spread Jermz (9-3)

5. Vaudeville Villains (8-4)

6. Detroit FaceFuckers (8-4)

7. Hit Squad (7-5)

8. Tyshon Rockz (6-6)

9. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (6-6)

10. Heisenberg (6-6)

11. Head Bangaz (5-7)

12. Watch the Thrown (5-7)

13. Black Death (5-7)

14. North Caka Laka All Day (4-8)

15. Shut em da fuck up (3-9)

16. Los Pollos Hermanos (3-9)

17. Hip Hop Junkies (2-10)

18. DuBzzz (2-10)

** denotes clinched regular season title and #1 seed