‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Week 13]

The regular season is over! The playoff teams are set, and you know who made it to the playoffs for the second straight year! I want to thank all the participants who came out this year and made the FFFL a success once again! I’m not going to do much talking this week, because there really isn’t much to say. It’s PLAYOFF time which means…WIN OR GO HOME!

Week 13 Results (winners in BOLD)

Heisenberg  – 103.06
Watch the Thrown  – 105.50

KJ backed his way into the playoffs with this loss to DTrot in the season finale.

Vaudeville Villains  – 73.32
Fuck yo feelings  – 98.18

Jamal finished up his regular season with a win over Arkitekt. He’s looking like a tough matchup for whoever he plays.

Tyshon Rockz  – 90.68
Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 60.62

Tisha wins her rivalry matchup over Faraji. Tisha is looking REAL tough for the playoffs. I wouldn’t want to play her in the first round…damn…I do have to  play her.

Hit Squad  – 64.56
Los Pollos Hermanos  – 99.98

LPH finished the season on a good note with a victory over Big O’s squad. Nothing for him to do is to look to next season.

Black Death  – 96.10
sliver_street_riders  – 102.30

The SSR continued its run to the title with a victory over Black Death. Eric is looking like another formidable opponent in the playoffs.

Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 92.76
Hip Hop Junkies  – 59.34

Saule Wright was the latest patient in the Doc’s office. A look at the score tells you that the diagnosis wasn’t good at all.

Head Bangaz  – 87.82
Detroit FaceFuckers  – 58.86

Cyclone sent P from the D to the playoffs with a loss. P isn’t looking as strong as he did earlier in the season.

Spread Jermz  – 92.72
DuBzzz  – 0.00

Spread Jermz takes the freebie against DuBzzz.

Vice Kings  – 107.98
North Caka Laka All Day  – 79.96

Clay Davis ends the season with a win and as the regular season champion.  His reward…a first round bye.He also had the best regular season in FFFL history!

Overall Standings (top 10 make playoffs)

1. Vice Kings (12-1)

2. Fuck yo feelings (10-3)

3. sliver street riders (10-3)

4. Spread Jermz (10-3)

5. Vaudeville Villains (8-5)

6. Detroit FaceFuckers (8-5)

7. Tyshon Rockz (7-6)

8. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (7-6)

9. Hit Squad (7-6)

10. Heisenbers (6-7)

11. Head Bangaz (6-7)

12. Watch the Throne (6-7)

13. Black Death (5-8)

14. North Caka Laka All Day (4-9)

15. Los Pollos Hermanos (4-9)

16. Shut em da fuck up (3-10)

17. Hip Hop Junkies (2-11)

18. DuBzzz (2-11)