Celebrating 5 Years of Bringing It To You!

Yep..we 5 years old. Seems like yesterday when we started taking the world over, but as I sit back and reflect, we’ve been around ALOT longer than some of our fellow bloggers. We might not be the most known site out there, but dammit, we’ve been doing it longer and more consistently than some of these other cats. Do I feel bitter about us not getting the shine we deserve…HELL YEAH, but then I think about all the people that help keep this thing going.

B-Easy does SO MUCH for the site and sacrifices alot of his time just to give you nigglets something to read. Saule Wright, the homie, if it wasn’t for him..wouldn’t be a nappyafro. He came in when me and B was struggling and for that, we are forever grateful. Arkitekt, he always comes thru in the clutch. He’s the Derek Fisher of the team. H2O, my godson, I have watched him grow up in front of my eyes over the years and he has become a GREAT writer. DuB, rookie of the year in my eyes. DuB has been a great acquisition to the squad. Then we have our reserves: Spread Jermz, DJLP, P from the D, P-Body, raza, VG, Calvin, and Verbose (only reason I called him this is because he’s been AWOL…if you reading this Verb…hit us up to know that you are alright..for real.) Ya’ll guys really mean alot to me and the team. Ya’ll come thru and help out with posts, always commenting, and you guys keep the forums alive. I just want you guys to know that it means alot to us.

I know I forgot some people…I know I did. But know this…YOU ARE APPRECIATED! This will be the year that either makes us or breaks us. So look for a more aggressive nappyafro in 2012. We will still bring you the reviews that you come to love, but we might take it back to the columns too. So once again…thanks for keeping us a bookmark on your web browser and hopefully this will be the year we open up a store so we can start pushing this merchandise on the public!