Devin The Dude Made The Best Workout Song Ever

Step aside Olivia Newton-John, there’s a new go-to exercise song in my iTunes. I’m half joking, but Devin The Dude‘s new song, appropriately titled song “Exercise”, is not only hilarious but provides some motivation at the gym for everybody. Who knew a dedicated weed smoker would be so into health?

Come on y’all you overweight you need to get up
I lay back down to do some motherfuckin’ sit ups
Take a walk around the track, put down that Big Mac
You think the only way to lose weight is to smoke crack

“Exercise” is on Devin’s latest project Seriously Trippin’ (Which is okay; not his best) which you can get right here.

Other good songs for working out to (That I just thought of right now): Jay-Z’s “Breathe Easy” & David Banner & Don Trip’s “Work“. Feel free to add some of your own workout song suggestions in the comment section below.