Song of the Week: GZA – “Crash Your Crew” [Video]

This year a lot of my money has been going to a few things: rent, fuel, food and rap concerts. We’ve been very lucky to have a whole bunch of artists from the States come Down Under and bring their shows to us.

Well earlier this year I went to see a combined concert of Jean Grae, Pharoahe Monch and the headliner GZA. I thought I was familiar with all of the Genius’ work but then a song came on I shamefully hadn’t heard before. Once the needle dropped on the record GZA seemed to disappear and the track kept playing. Standing there like the numskulls we are, we didn’t expect for the Wu-Tanger to run into the back of the crowd, slamming into my friend (who is not a small fella) and causing him to smash into me. Turning around with furious anger I found The GZA just busting out his rhymes right in front of us. One of the coolest things I’ve seen at a gig. Back to the song. This is classic GZA. It’s not quite Liquid Swords but it’s a great combo of punk rock and rap.

Enjoy the song, have a great weekend and let me know what your favourite GZA song is (if you have one).