Song of the Week: Jay-Z – “Where I’m From”

Things have been extremely slow at my work lately. So as I complete mundane tasks I usually throw on my iPod or Youtube to make the long hours dissolve into what seems like mere minutes.

One video I stumbled upon while using said Youtube was the whole hour plus documentary about beef within Hip-Hop appropriately titled Beef.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking: Beef has been out for almost 10 years!?

This is true but for some reason this film had dodged my viewing for a long time. Anyway there were plenty of great interviews on the video including one with Jay-Z. For those of us who are under the age of 30 may have a different view of Jay. The image we may have of Hova is a business suit wearing, Beyonce marrying, Urkel glasses having type of fellow.

But the Jigga I saw in this interview was the one that wore Rocawear from head to toe. Everything from the doo rag to the sneakers. Of course I knew this Jay-Z existed even if it was over 10 years ago and there is nothing wrong with growing up and maturing, that is not my point.

My point is that there is a different side to Jay-Z that the young’ns need to see. It wasn’t all Alicia Key duets and owning parts of basketball teams. NO! Jay kept it street for a long time (and still does depending on who you ask).

So here I present to you, Jay’s ode to his neighborhood the Marcy Projects, “Where I’m From”.

And people remember: There ain’t nothing nice.

Enjoy your weekend.

Sidenote: Here’s Jay performing this classic in 2012!