Throwback: Elzhi – “Guessing Game”

There are very few times when a song impresses me on an intellectual level. By that I mean there are very few instances where I listen to a song and it goes beyond ‘that’s a dope track’, or ‘that beat is on point’ or ‘that song is fire’ or well you get the point. It’s always reassuring when you listen to a song and the rhymes are on some exceptional shit: not exceptional like Real G’s move in silence like lasagne”, more like “I’m bout to go Van Gohn and I have to reach for slavery guns; that mean I draw a masterpiece”.

This track by Elzhi is on some syllable science shit. Credit to Black Milk on the boards on this one. It just happened to show up on my shuffle yesterday and I couldn’t help but spread the word. Lemme know which ones you guessed correctly Nation…

Download: Elzhi – “Guessing Game”