Song of the Week: Dr Dre & Ice Cube – “Natural Born Killaz”

Natural Born Killaz

Doesn’t it feel like Dr. Dre is the doctor of broken promises? As legendary as the man is he has promised us countless projects that never reached us. To name a few there’s: The N.W.A. project that had Snoop as the newest member, a joint album between Dre and Timbaland, an album with Rakim, an album from Bishop Lamont, an album from Eve….I’ll stop there. I won’t even say the ‘D’ word. But from the music that the Doctor has actually given us we shouldn’t be too disappointed.

Besides a bit of a hiatus in the early 2000’s Ice Cube has been slowly delivering his fan base hard knock albums for over 20 years. Sure his post 1999 music is nothing compared to say Death Certificate but he still gives us some gems every once in a while.

So as promised, I said last week that I would throw up somebody’s choice for this week’s pick (Seems only one of you have been responding but hey I’ll take what I can get).

Some of the suggestions included a Jay-Z and B.I.G. classic, along with some timeless music from A Tribe Called Quest. But I was feeling the need for something raw and harsh. A piece of music that would scare any white parent across the globe.

Of course it would have to be “Natural Born Killaz” by Cube and Dre. Even though I was only 5 when this came out it’s good to see Mr. Jackson and Dr. Young put their old beef behind them and made some crazy dope music together (I still think Cube needs to put out an album with a bulk of it produced by Dre).

Does anyone else miss these big budget music videos with epic movie like features?

Also when you think about it this was a strange time for Dre when this song was made. In a few short years after this he would find himself departing ways from Death Row Records and starting up his Aftermath label but remaining in gangsta rap limbo until the late 90’s. Of course the rest is history with guys like Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, and Kendrick Lamar playing a double role as both bringer of musical life and student to a Hip-Hop legend.

Cube himself would make a comeback mid way through the first decade of the 21st century with 2006’s Laugh Now, Cry Later.

“Why We Thugs” and “Child Support” are still a couple of my favorites. *Begins thinking about next week’s choices *

Well here’s another installment of Song Of The Week over. Enjoy and try not to stomp too many busters out after listening to the track.


Bonus: Doesn’t this shit make you laugh