Dub’s Top 10 Femcees of All Time

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Dub's Top 10 Femcees of All Time

You know that nappyafro’s own Saule Wright is a huge fan of female Hip-Hop. Well what you may not know is that I am as well. However, there is a difference between the two of us and how we view Hip-Hop. He is a big fan of celebrating women who rap almost the way we celebrate defensive players in football. Everyone knows that the offense is almost always the highlight, but never the less we should give props to the other side as well. Me, I’m more of the type to feel like if you ain’t good enough to run with the big boys stay at home. I’ve gotten really frustrated with this notion that “Hip-Hop is so male dominant that we must separate accolades so that female artists can shine as well”. To me, that is detrimental to our culture. It’s almost like saying that a female who wins an award for something great did well for a girl.  Like I said, that is detrimental to our culture.

To avoid such negativity, I have compiled a list of my favorite female artist of all times, and why these young ladies did/are running with the big boys.

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