The FRO Horsemen: Three Things We Learned from Battleground & The Following Raw

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WWE Has Lost Any and All Momentum It Had Built of from Previous PPVs

Without trying to even watch the dirt sheets, the stories about low ratings, bad buy rates, and shows with dead crowds is almost louder than any story they have. The crowd is bored but even more problematic, the writers are bored.

CM Punk vs. Heyman has gone stale now largely due to Punk eviscerating the lesser two Heyman Guys at PPVs and the usual vein of revenge that powers feuds through the year has somehow gone cold, impersonal, and ridiculous. I mean, we have Paul Heyman so in awe of Ryback that he BROposed to him on RAW one week, only to show genuine concern because Punk hurt his knee? So, the visceral hate that these two have volleyed back and forth was temporarily put on hold because Punk hurt himself ON THE WAY to attacking Heyman? Ryback was held at bay because Punk was injured. Naw man, this story is cold and even for the usually calculated and brilliant Punk, this is the moment that the feud lost any momentum. Add to that the Corporate angle is now just Big Show and the Shield being minions while Orton continues to underachieve. Boring. There was also a build up of a resistance of sorts…to which, we now have none really. I don’t even need to talk about the Divas because they’ve essentially just implied the storyline they had, but are not really carrying it out. I could go on and on, but essentially, the only storyline they have going strong is the Rhodes family. The picture I chose is yet ANOTHER idea to boost ratings, PETA involvement or at the very least, get in on some of this little people TV magic conjured up by the WWE writing crew. – Saule Wright

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