The FRO Horsemen: Three Things We Learned from Battleground & The Following Raw

BRAY-SPIDER The Wyatt Family Has Nothing To Do

They came in and took down the Big Red Machine…literally dragging him off the screen and we haven’t seen him nor heard him referenced outside of the occasional mention of the PPV match here and there. We’ve learned NOTHING more about Bray (aside from the fact that he’s indeed a freak) and his cryptic, anti-hero messages and even less from his brothers. To be be quite honest, Bray is doing what he can to keep you interested in one of the most unique guys we’ve seen in WWE in a while. However, instead of speaking in parables that ask you to question everything you know, we see them attacking midcarders like Miz and Kofi…asking you to question what the hell is the point and what does this have to do with buzzards and being forsaken? Bray deserves better, and so do the rest of us that were excited about his arrival only to watch the buzz dim quicker than the light on the entrance video. – Saule Wright