WWE Payback 2014: Our Predictions

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WWEPAYBACK-Hornswaggle-vs-ElToritoWWE Payback Kickoff Show/Mask vs. Hair Match: El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

B-Easy: Is it messed up that I’m really looking forward to this match and a bald Hornswoggle? Well, I am.

Saule Wright: Wait…you’re looking forward to…nevermind. Um, let’s put this whole scenario to bed and a nice neat little package…sorry….El Torito is El Victor.

GQ Blu: I think I saw one of the Matadores shove an ice pack up Torito’s ass after he had his ‘tail’ ripped off… Has anyone noticed that they haven’t done any Be A Star commercials lately? Torito wins.

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